There are four player races in Mythos: Humans, Satyrs, Gremlins, and Cyclops. Each has its own racial resistances and modifiers that make them more- or less-suited for the different classes. Entry into the many different classes in the game is not restricted by race, although some do fare better than others in certain professions. Have fun trying out the different combinations. Some may be more challenging to play, but that also means your hero will be more unique!

The Humans

Humans are known for their extraordinary diplomatic abilities, are keenly perceptive and can deftly adapt to any
number of situations. They are a strong and healthy race with a high regard for self-discipline. Their intelligence, stamina and loyalty set them aside from other races. Their characteristics are responsible for a health bonus and a slight fire resistance.

The Satyrs

Satyrs are the most ancient race in Uld. The lower half of their body and their horned head resemble goats and
their unique connection to nature is best demonstrated through their words and actions as progenitors of the natural world. These nature-loving mages are highly sensual and maintain a carefree approach to life. Their contagious and calm lifestyle has been responsible even for a Cyclops’ face to be softened by a fleeting smile. They possess a great deal of magical energy and are highly resistant to poisonous attacks.

The Gremlins

The majority of the Gremlins are extraordinary craftsmen with a deep fascination for machinery. They are very
energetic and seek satisfaction in everything they do. With their enormous ears and eyes they are not perceived by other races to be the most beautiful of creatures. Yet these intelligent eccentrics are not to be underestimated in battle and can effectively protect themselves against damage from electrical attacks.

The Cyclops

The sight of their single, bulky eye positioned in the middle of their forehead is enough to make their enemies’
blood run cold. Their impressive stature and brute force leave opponents trembling with fear. They constantly travel the plains of Uld, for they have a deeply-rooted nomadic tradition with the belief that strength is the key to all of the world’s power. In the past the cyclopes put their powers to use in assailing and fighting other races but they are now using their capacities in the search of justice. They are highly resilient to the cold and have strong defensive skills.