Craftsmen Quest 1
Start Medison
End Medison
Level (1)
Experience 48
Rewards 8Copper  Chest Armour

Objectives Edit

Check the instructions given by the Craftsmen's Guild to make a Crafting Hammer and return to Medison, the Master Craftsman in Heaven Island.

Quest Text Edit

Welcome, (Payer Name). Are you interested in starting an apprenticeship? If so, you will have to receive trainings in how to find materials and craft items.

In order to make a good item, you need good materials. So if you want to be a craftsman, you have to find good materials by yourself. you can get some materials from the merchant, but it is more expensive than getting them by yourself. During the apprenticeship, you will learn to use the Crafting Hammer.

This hammer can be used to obtain materials by breaking down items. Sometimes those materials have magical avilities and can be iused to make something better. First of all, make a Crafting Hammer! Then you will be officially allowed to join our guild.

You can find the material to make a Crafting Hammer around here. It is Copper.

After getting some copper, press 'R' This will display the instructions.

Completion Edit

Well done, (Player Name). You have successfully completed the first step required to join out guild. After a little more practice, you will become a great craftsman.

Now that you have the Crafting Hammer, let's perpare some of the materials. When you open your bag, you will see a hammer-shaped icon on the right.

Place an item on the hammer-shapped icon to break it down into materials. The materials will automatically be placed in another bag. Look into the material bag to see what materials have been acquired.

Remember, not even the gods can restore an item once it has been broken down.