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A quest is a task given by an NPC to a Player character that yields a reward when completed.
The Quests category has articles on many specific quests. New quests can be added to Mythos Wiki.

Identifying Quest Givers Edit

You can identify quest giving NPCs from indicators over their heads:

  • A gold ! indicates an available quest.
  • A gold ? indicates a completed quest (you have met its requirements). They will also usually appear as a yellow dot with a ? inside it on the mini-map.
  • A silver ? indicates an in-progress (un-completed) quest that you still have requirements to meet.

If you have completed a quest but you might not want to turn it in yet (because your inventory is full, for instance), you can return to it later at any time. But until you turn it in, above such a NPCs head will only be a gold question mark, so you will not know whether they have a new quest for you until you turn it in, or at least until you speak to them as if to turn it in.

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Quest Rewards Edit

Most rewards take the form of items and money. All quests tend to include XP as part of the reward.

Additional notes:

  • Some quests allow you to choose among reward items.