Jeira the GoodskeeperEdit

She is a female gremlin material merchant that can be found in Heaven Island near the craftsmen's guild quest giver.

Her inventory includes :

Icon Name Type Tier Price
CupperNugget Cupper Nugget Raw Material 1 4 Copper
NickelNugget Nickel Nugget Raw Material 1 11 Copper
BronzeBar Bronze Bar Terran Alloy 2 11 Copper
StitchedLeather Stitched Leather Sylvan Leather 1 11 Copper
DullScales Dull Scales Raw MAterial 1 4 Copper
BritterCarapace Brittle Carapace Raw Material 1 4 Copper
FlaxMoss Flax Moss Raw material 1 4 Copper
Miralnut Mitalnut Raw Material 1 6 Copper
Mat2 Seacled Wire Terran Wire 1 21 Copper
MiralBlend Miral Blend Sylvan Cloth 1 21 Copper
KnottedWood Knotted Wood Raw Material 1 4 Copper
SageWood Sage Wood Aetheral Wood 2 21 Copper

Slimy Residue

Raw material 1 4 Copper
SagePowder Sage Powder Aetheral Regent 2 11 Copper
ShadowDust Shadow Dust Raw material 3 8 Copper
SimpleFlask Simple Flask Raw material 1 10 Copper
RobustFlask Robust Flask Raw Material 3 20 Copper
CloudedCrystal Clouded Crystal Raw Material 1 10 Copper
ClearCrystal Clear Crystal Raw material 3 20 Copper

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