As you explore, the game automatically maps where you have been. This map shows important features such as the location of dungeon entrances and exits, vendors, quest givers, trainers, healers, and all other sorts of vital information.

To open your Automap, press the associated icon in the bottom interface or simply hit the Tab key. The map appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

If you use the button interface, the Automap toggles on or off. If you use the Tab key, the map cycles between lower right, an expanded view of the map in the same location, and off.

The Atlas

Adventuring across great distances takes planning, and a really big map! To access the Map Atlas of Uld, press the associated icon in the bottom interface or simply hit the M key. On the Atlas are any of the areas that you have maps for or have been pointed out for you by NPCs. To travel to a location in Uld, simply click on the desired destination in the Atlas.


If you buy or find a map to a specific location, it will go into your inventory. To add the location to your Atlas, right-click on the map piece and it will be inscribed. Your Atlas can only hold so many locations, though, so high-level characters may need to decide what locations they don’t want anymore.

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