As you discover new dungeons and battle against the followers of Discordia, you will gain experience for your efforts. As you reach certain predetermined levels of experience, your character “levels up.” Your character’s progress towards reaching the next level is tracked at the bottom of the screen in the Experience Bar. When the bar fills up completely, you gain a level!

Levelup icon
When you level up, your character’s health and mana are completely rejuvenated and points are gained to put towards both Character Statistics and Talents. An icon will appear in the lower left corner to remind you that you now have points to spend to improve your character.


Every time your character gains a new level, 5 points are awarded that may be distributed among the four basic statistics: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality and Wisdom. To access the Character Statistics screen, press the associated icon in the bottom interface or simply press the C key.


On the Character Statistics screen you can assign points by clicking the + button next to each statistic. Each click increments that statistic by one point. You can learn how each statistic affects your character by placing your mouse cursor over the name of the statistic.

Each Statistic point assigned is permanent, so choose wisely!