Guilds are quite a implemented feature in the MMO world and Mythos has finally included the guild system. The guild feature is a neat way to make friends and get help in the world of Uld. So go out and find yourself a guild, make new freinds and conquer the world!

Guild Menu

Guild Menu

Members TabEdit

This includes a little note that Guild Masters can write on the wall so that everyone in the guild can read and see what's going on. It also lists all the members in your guild with name, position, level, location, and when the last time they logged on.

Bulletins TabEdit

This is a sction where all the guild members can write on the wall and reply to each other to make parties, guild raids, just chatting with each other, and keeping up with recent events.

Safe tabEdit

This is where all the guild stores the gold. Members can borrow and deposit an amount to there choosing, but don't be greedy and just take all the gold, make an effort to contribute some of that gold back after borrowing it, or just be a nice player and donate some of your gold to the guild for all the hard work they went to help you out.