Adventuring through Mythos is literally just a mouse click away. It’s so easy, even we can do it! And if we can, then you can – and here’s how.



To move your character around in the world of Uld, just place your mouse cursor over the location you want to walk to and left-click. The screen scrolls so that your character stays as the center of attention, revealing new areas as you move into them.

To move continuously, hold down the left mouse button. Your character moves in the direction of your cursor until you release the mouse button. Obstacles like doors, walls or monsters can stop your character from moving. You can simply move the mouse to an open spot and keep moving, or this might be the time when you’ll want to fight or open something up.


There are two basic ways you fight monsters - melee or ranged combat.

To engage in Melee (or hand-to-hand) combat, move your cursor over the monster you want to attack and left-click. Your character will move to the targeted monster and attack. Combat in Mythos is direct and real-time. This means that if you want to keep swinging at the same monster you can either click once for every swing or you can simply hold down the mouse button and you’ll continue to repeat the same attack. If you hold down the mouse button, your character is also now locked onto that monster. This means you will pursue and continue attacking it, even if your cursor moves off the targeted monster.

To use a ranged weapon or spell, the same technique for selecting which monster to attack applies. You can also fire continuously by holding down the mouse button. Sometime you might want to launch a ranged attack without moving. To do this, press and hold the Shift key. Your character will stand in place while firing wherever you’re pointing your cursor.