The Races of Discordia

There are basically two factions in the world of Uld – those of Order, and those of Discordia. The races of Order that make up the Kingdoms – the Elves, Gremlins and Humans – are the ones trying to rebuild civilization. The races of Discordia definitely favor violence, continued war, and chaos.

In stark contrast to the poise and promise of the Kingdoms, the races of Discordia live in the wild and are in constant conflict with each other. The best defense that civilization has in these times is the willingness of the races of Order to work and trade together while rebuilding their own governing bodies. If the forces of Discordia should ever find a banner to rally under - if they were ever able to transcend the fog of violence, hatred and mistrust and bring their wrath to the cities - the fragile hope of prosperity would surely fall.

Fortunately, these foul beings are in no mind to cooperate with each other. Each race is completely focused on its own shallow and vile concerns.

Monsters goblin
Goblins are a twisted race that wage constant war on each other, fighting over baubles, territory and for the sheer joy of violence. Their tactical skills in combat are generally no more complex than screaming at the top of their little lungs and racing forward, hoping to overcome their prey with sheer force of numbers. The lowliest Goblins are a cowardly lot and will usually flee at the first sign of real danger, but the larger, brutish (and more heavily armored) members of their kind can pose a serious threat to even the most stalwart adventurer.

Monsters graven
The Graven are the re-animated dead that can be found nearly everywhere, from the Searing Steppes to the Fetid Swamps to the Frozen Mountains. No one knows who or what controls them, but they seem to have no real mind of their own. When they fight, they fight in unison, and they continue until they are shattered. There are fearful rumors spoken across the Kingdoms of a mad god that will not give solace to the souls that cross over into his realm. Instead, he enslaves them to the corpse that once gave them breath, where they have no choice but to serve his corrupt will.

Monsters nosferetti
The Nosferetti exist in the shadow between the lands of the dead and the living. Unlike the Graven, they are ferociously intelligent. And unlike those animated shambling corpses, they have to feed on living blood to maintain their strength and sanity. Despite the apparent similarity, the Nosferetti have a consuming hatred for the anything Graven. Some say that the Nosferetti progenitor made a pact with a dark god, who is mortal enemies with the insane deity that enslaves the Graven. Others say that the Nosferetti abhor the living dead, because they represent what is most horrible to them… the loss of the mind, trapped in a corpse. Whatever the reason, a Nosferetti will stop at nothing in order to rend any living-dead thing into splinters of dry bone.

Monsters fangosaur
Fangosaur are guileful lizards that walk like men. While they associate in loose tribal affiliations, they are too busy scheming against each other and preying on anything smaller than them to form any true sense of cohesive civilization. There is evidence of a zealous, almost devout form of matriarchy in their society that causes the varying tribes of Fangosaur to violently defend whatever they perceive to be theirs. And above all else is the Queen of each group, no matter how small they are in numbers. They will defend their matriarch to the death, using whatever magical or martial means they have at their disposal.

Monsters lichender
Lichenders are a bizarre race of fungal forms that live in caves which shimmer and warp with weird energy. They seem to have no interest in any other living thing, except as a host for their mind-controlling spores. To the neophyte adventurer, these odd organic creatures appear to be nothing more than a minor nuisance to be cut down like weeds from a garden. It is only after they release noxious fumes or toxin-laden thorns which sap the will of their victims is the insidious nature of the Lichender evident.

These are one of the most dangerous of the races of Discordia. Luckily, they are also the most reclusive.

Monsters giant

The Giants are enormous thundering beings that come in a wide variety of shapes and types. Some live in tribes under the mountains, hewing out epic caverns in the living rock. Some live in caves in the hills, dressing in animal skins and wielding bloody tree-clubs. There are Giants that harness the power of storms, and freakish Giants with two equally sentient heads. They seem to have little malice towards each other, but also have little interest in interacting with any other race. They are opposed to the Kingdoms, however, and will not hesitate to kill anything that crosses their path.

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