Mythos Beta Patch Edit

Hello Mythosians!

Todays publish includes performance improvements that should help remedy town slowness specifically, but should help out elsewhere too. Some machines should get as much as a 50% increase in FPS! Other fixes in this publish include:

Misc. Edit

  • Players don't collide with one another in town, preventing the 'clogs' at the zone-in that we were seeing.
  • Rend Flesh is much faster, and can strike multiple targets at once.
  • Animation replacement for all females.
  • Some texture seaming fixes for Female Human and Female Satyr to reduce/eliminate the faint line along their faces, and the rings of flesh around the shoulders. Oo la la!
  • The Bug form should now work and close properly. It shouldn't submit multiple times when closed and enter is pressed again. Our QA Department loves this fix!
  • Some attempted fixes for the loading hang that some were seeing.
  • Fixed weapon aiming! Sorry about that! *slaps forehead*.

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